The rules

The recipe must contain minimum of 2 cl of Moutai Prince. The competitors will get a chance to sample Moutai Prince at the masterclass on Sunday 22.10. All other ingredients in the recipe can be freely selected from products available in Finland. Fresh and homemade ingredients are allowed. We encourage the competitors to use Finnish products in the recipe. 

Creativity in technique, recipe and of course in the presentation of the cocktails is very important. 

To be eligible to participate in the preliminaries the contestants need to post a picture, a video or a reel of their competition drink with Moutai on their social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) with the following tags and hashtags: 

#chinamoutai #moutai #kweichowmoutai #fbsk_ry #moutaifinlandcocktailcompetition #moutaifinland @fbsk_ry @moutaifinland 

The registration/recipe form must be filled out till the 8th of October. recipes sent after closing date will not be accepted! We will announce the semifinalists on 9th of October.

PERMITTED for use in the competition: 

• Molecular Mixology 

• Homemade ice cubes / Dry ice 

• Various Bitters (also homemade Bitters) 

• Heated ingredients 

• Food pairing 

• Easy prepared infusions 

• Unusual presentation on stage e.g. costumes, masks, fancy glassware... be creative! 

• etc. 

Cocktail glasses, bar equipment, ingredients and garnishes are brought by the participants themselves. Only Moutai Prince will be provided by the organizer. 

There is no technical jury, but the judges will verify the correct recipe. The time limit for preparation of the garnish in the backroom is 15 minutes. Any kind of pre-fixed garnishes made beforehand are not allowed. 

The competitor will not be allowed to compete if intoxicated.

in the semifinal the competitors will have 6 minutes to make 2 drinks. The time limit in the final is 10 minutes for 4 drinks and the competitors will perform on stage one at a time. All competitors have to be prepared to give a presentation about their their cocktail creation in English. During the competition competitors shall present themselves in full bartender’s uniform from the company they work for or in a costume that fits in their presentation.